Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Spirituality and the Arts in Children's Programming: A Resource for Religious Educators

Simple movement activities

  • Use movement and sound to say your name. The group repeats after you, then the next person follows suit. This activity can be done either seated in a circle or standing.
  • Have children move to drumming. Hit the drum once to stop, and call out an emotion: joy, anger, sorrow, peaceful. Children should stand still and pretend to be statues frozen with an emotion.
  • Move to sounds from percussion instruments as a group, then in pairs.
  • Make a machine from individual motions and sounds. One person begins making a sound and a movement in center of circle. Each person has to enter the circle and fit their movement and sound in somehow to make a machine. The leader may speed up the machine or slow it down.
  • Play follow the leader to music. One person starts out with a movement and everyone makes the same movement as they follow the leader around the room. After going around room once, the next person makes a movement, and everyone follows again.