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Discussion and Reflection Guide: Muhammad: The Story of a Prophet and Reformer

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Muhammad: The Story of a Prophet and Reformer is available from the UUA Bookstore.
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A three-part guide by Pat Kahn of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Faith Development Office invites multigenerational response to the 2013 Skinner House book, Muhammad: The Story of a Prophet and Reformer by Sarah Conover.

Part One (PDF, 11 pages) of the guide is designed for multigenerational groups ages 10 and up. Parts Two (PDF, 9 pages) and Three (PDF, 12 pages) are designed for multigenerational groups of youth and adults. All three parts may be downloaded, adapted, and used at no charge:

Readers of the book, Muhammad, encounter a man very different from the figure often presented in Western popular culture. Conover, co-author of Ayat Jamilah: Beautiful Signs: A Treasury of Islamic Wisdom for Children and Parents, draws from biographies, the Quran, and hadith (Muslim tradition). She relates the story of a radical prophet who challenged the rich and powerful, guided his community of followers through a dangerous time of persecution and exile, formed alliances with people of different beliefs, and preached that one should "love for humanity what you love for yourself."

Read a blog post on the UUA Faith Development Office's blog site, Call and Response, for inspiration to use Muhammad with older children, youth, adults, or multigenerational groups.

Muhammad The Story of a Prophet and Reformer

By Sarah Conover, Eboo Patel, Eboo Patel

From Skinner House Books

From Sarah Conover comes Muhammad: The Story of a Prophet and Reformer. This biography of the Prophet of Islam for ages 9 and up will inspire and educate readers of all faiths.

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