Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Circle of Trees: A Multigenerational Program about Nourishing Deep Connections with Nature

Activity 4: Sharing Our Special Trees

Part of Circle of Trees

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Pictures or photos of trees

Preparation for Activity

  • Gather pictures or photos of trees and place them on a table.

Description of Activity

Participants share their "special tree" with the group.

Say, in these words or your own:

Two things that trees provide to humans are beauty and inspiration. Many of you brought photos or pictures of your special tree from home. For those of you who didn't have time, take a few moments to choose one from the pictures on the table.

Tell participants that they will have 60 seconds to speak, and invite them to show their picture and share why the tree is special to them. You or your co-leader can model the process for the group.

Including All Participants

If a participant isn't comfortable sharing, allow that person to pass.