Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Miracles: A Multigenerational Program on Living in Awe and Wonder

Faith In Action: Transformation Stations for the Congregation

Part of Miracles

Materials for Activity

  • Materials to replicate experiments in Activity 3
  • Poster board, markers, and tape to make signs

Preparation for Activity

  • Arrange a time and place to engage the broader congregation in hands-on transformation activities.
  • Invite participants and their families to help set up and staff the Transformation Stations. Make sure you have enough adult volunteers to bring materials, set up the stations, lead experiments, and clean up.
  • Announce the Transformation Stations via website, newsletter, pulpit, and/or order of service. Here is an example:

Please join participants in the Miracles program at coffee hour today. We invite everyone to try an experiment at one of our Transformation Stations. Using simple everyday items, you can make change right before your eyes, and possibly observe a miracle.

  • Use Activity 3, Three “Aha!” Transformations, to plan how you will set up the stations in the congregational space.
  • Make signs for the Transformation Stations, or set out poster board, markers, and tape for participants to do it.

Description of Activity

Participants share their exploration of transformations and the miraculous with the wider congregational community.

Arrange to engage the broader congregation in hands-on exploration of physical transformation and changes of state. The ideal time might be a coffee hour following a worship service, a week after participants have done these experiments themselves.

On the appointed day, gather participants at least one hour before visitors are expected. Tell participants:

By inviting others in the congregation to look with absolute attention, we are opening a window into the faith we share. By demonstrating the changes of state experiments, we are giving others a chance to create and experience a miraculous transformation.

Form teams of participants to help adult volunteers set up one or more Transformation Stations to replicate the Activity 3 experiments and post signs to label the stations. Another sign may show the words of May Sarton:

If one looks with absolute attention…something like revelation takes place.

As congregants observe or conduct experiments, you and participants can invite them to look with absolute attention, and observe the miracle of transformation.

Including All Participants

Make sure all stations are accessible and safe. Make sure all participants who want to have a role in the experiments do have a role. Adult participants may wish to share their scientific knowledge, which is appropriate. Be mindful that too much adult knowledge-sharing may dampen young children’s exploration. Uphold the message that Unitarian Universalism honors both reason and awe.