Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Wisdom from the Hebrew Scriptures: A Multigenerational Program

Activity 3: Sabbath

Activity time: 10 minutes

Description of Activity

Say, "At the time this story was told and written down, one of the most important elements was the idea that after six days of creating things, God rested. Jewish people still honor a tradition of keeping a Sabbath, or day of rest, every week. For Jews, that day is Saturday (from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday), and they observe that day by gathering with family or in the Temple and paying attention to important things such as being a good person, being thankful, and remembering that they are a people of God. Unitarian Universalists often observe Sunday as a special day." Guide a conversation with these questions:

  • How is Sunday special in our congregation?
  • What happens here on Sunday? Why is it important?
  • What wisdom is there for Unitarian Universalists in keeping a weekly Sabbath?