Tapestry of Faith: Gather the Spirit: A Multigenerational Program about Stewardship


The natural response to genuinely-felt gratitude is generosity. — Rev. William Metzger, UU Minister, from a sermon, "Gratitude and Generosity," delivered at First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia , March 4, 2007

This workshop helps participants connect the concepts of gratitude and generosity. Participants offer thanks for something much of our Western society takes for granted, abundant clean water. They explore how Unitarian Universalist Principles call us to conserve water and to take action to ensure access to clean water for all life that shares our planet. This workshop has a low-key, thoughtful feeling. If you feel the need for a more active approach, consider the Alternate Activities. Alternate Activity 1, Water Drop Competition, nicely complements Activity 4, Spiritual Circle of Thanks, while Alternate Activity 2, Boat Float Competition, could substitute for Activity 4.


This workshop will:

  • Engage participants in the cycle of gratitude and generosity
  • Link gratitude and generosity as religious concepts embedded in Unitarian Universalist faith and practice of environmental stewardship
  • Introduce social action as a way to express both gratitude and generosity.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Explore generosity and gratitude in song
  • Experience their own gratitude and capacity for generosity in the context of water resources
  • Understand that Unitarian Universalism calls us to express both gratitude and generosity through stewardship and social action
  • Consider a story from the Muslim tradition that illustrates how we can express our gratitude through generosity to others.