Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Gather the Spirit: A Multigenerational Program about Stewardship

Spiritual Preparation

Experience the community and commitment of your own congregation. At a busy time on a Sunday or other day, drift away from the group and observe it. Reflect on its purpose, power and commitment. Know you are one of many who can and must make a positive difference, by guiding the young, by nurturing the commitment of families and by joining others in dedicated work. Feel the strength of the concept that "service is our prayer". Then, with a fresh sense of renewal, rejoin the group.

Before this workshop begins, with all your preparations complete, find a quiet spot to remember your moment of observation. Take several deep, relaxing breaths. Understand that leading this workshop is well worth the time and energy it takes. It can affect participants and the world beyond them in ways you may sense but never directly know.