Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: World of Wonder: A Program on the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism for Grades K-1

Activity 2: Story - And It Is Good

Part of World of Wonder

Activity time: 10 minutes

Print and copy the coloring sheet by Nancy Devard (PDF) for "And It Is Good."

Coloring Sheet (PDF)

Materials for Activity

  • Story, "And It Is Good"
  • A large basket
  • Objects to place in the basket that are related to the story such as seeds, or a toy mouse, snake, or hawk (or pictures of these creatures)
  • A chime or rain stick
  • Optional: Fidget Basket (Session 1, Leader Resource 1)
  • Optional: "And It Is Good" coloring sheet (PDF) and crayons

Preparation for Activity

  • Place the story-related items and the chime or rain stick in the story basket and place the filled basket in the storytelling area.
  • Read the story a few times. Plan how you will use items from the story basket as props.
  • Read the story questions. Choose ones that will best help these children interpret the story and relate it to their own lives.
  • Optional, but highly recommended: Provide a basket of soft, quiet, manipulable items for children who will listen and learn more effectively with something in their hands. Remind children where is the Fidget Basket is before you begin the "centering" part of this activity. See Session 1, Leader Resource 1, Fidget Basket for a full description of a fidget basket and guidance for using it.
  • Optional: Print and copy the "And It Is Good" coloring sheet (PDF) and decide when you will invite the children to color. You may also wish to include a coloring sheet with this session's Taking It Home handout.

Description of Activity

Gather the children in a circle in the storytelling area and show them the story basket. Say something like:

This is our story basket. I wonder what is in it today?

Take the story-related items from the basket, one at a time, and pass them around. Objects that are fragile or cannot easily be passed around can be held up for all to see and then placed on the altar/centering table or any table or shelf.

Take the chime or rain stick from the basket and say in these words or your own:

Each time you hear a story during World of Wonder we will use this instrument to get our ears, minds, and bodies ready to listen. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. When I sound the chime (turn the rain stick over), listen as carefully as you can and see how long you can hear it. When you can't hear it anymore, open your eyes and it will be time for the story to start.

Sound the chime or rain stick. When the sound has completely disappeared, read or tell the story, "And It is Good."

When the story is finished, lead a brief discussion with questions such as:

  • What did you wonder about the story?
  • What did you like most about the story?
  • Have you ever wondered what happens to animals when they die in the wild?
  • Have you ever seen a decomposing plant? How about a rotting log?
  • Do you have a compost pile at home? If so, what do you put in it?
  • What do you think happens to a tree that dies and falls to the floor in a forest?
  • What kind of creatures might help it decompose (or rot)?
  • What would happen if we didn't have decomposers like beetles, maggots, fungus and bacteria?

Including All Participants

Fidget objects, described in Session 1, Leader Resource 1, can provide a non-disruptive outlet for anyone who needs to move or who benefits from sensory stimulation.