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Activity 4: Moving Obstacle Course

Activity 4: Moving Obstacle Course
Activity 4: Moving Obstacle Course

Activity time: 15 minutes

Preparation for Activity

  • Designate a large space, preferably outdoors.
  • Decide how you will form groups.
  • Prepare a list of physical and verbal obstacles you can suggest to the small groups.

Description of Activity

This cooperative game activity can be done inside or outside, you simply need a large enough space.

Form several small groups of various sizes. Each group makes itself into a human obstacle. These could be physical or verbal obstacles. If the small groups have difficulty deciding what kind of obstacle to be, give some suggestions. Physical obstacles could be:

  • The small group holds hands and the players have to climb or jump over their arms at knee height or waist height.
  • The small group lies down on their backs with their feet together in the air (like an arch) and players have to crawl underneath.

Verbal obstacles could be:

  • Ask the players to stop and do 10 jumping jacks or hop on one foot for 5 seconds.
  • Ask the players to act out their favorite animal.

Players then run the course with their small group. When they get to an obstacle, the obstacle tells them how to pass. As a group of players passes an obstacle, the people in the obstacle become another group that runs the course. When a group gets to the end of the course, they create another new obstacle. This is a fun activity that can go on for as long as you want. You can vary this by not allowing talking or by adding non-human obstacles.

Including All Participants

Consider any mobility issues in the group when determining the type of obstacles, to ensure all participants can complete the obstacle course.

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