Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Windows and Mirrors: A Program about Diversity for Grades 4-5

Activity 3: Window/Mirror Panel - My Service to Others

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • All participants' Window/Mirror Panels
  • Newsprint with ideas from Activity 2, Brainstorm Survival Needs
  • Paper or card stock, cut to a size that can be placed within Window/Mirror Panels
  • Optional: Paint and paintbrushes, pastels or other art media
  • Basket(s) of Window/Mirror panel materials:
    • Sheets of Mylar(R) in several colors, shiny gift wrap, aluminum foil and other reflective paper
    • Sheets of plain or construction paper
    • Scraps of fabric
    • Color markers (permanent markers work best on Mylar)
    • Glue sticks, tape (including double-sided tape) and scissors (including left-hand scissors)
    • Optional: Stick-on sequins, a hole-puncher, yarn, ribbon and a variety of magazines to cut up

Preparation for Activity

  • Consider the Mirror and Window questions posed in the Description of Activity. Think about how you might rephrase them to best guide the group-including using examples of your own relationship with service work, if you wish.
  • Have materials easily accessible.

Description of Activity

Invite the children to bring their Window/Mirror Panels to work tables. Distribute Window/Mirror Panel basket(s) and the pre-cut paper or card stock you have prepared.

Tell the group their assignment is to capture a mirror or a window view of their relationship with service work. Pose the Mirror and Window questions, or rephrase them to best guide the group's reflection and expression.

The Mirror question for this session is "What role does (or might) doing service for the greater good play in my life-now, or in the future?" You may wish to say:

Think about ways you have worked in service to others. Think about things you do at home, in school and here at our congregation. In what ways have you provided service to others? What professional job does the service you give, or want to give, make you think of? Maybe you can see yourself doing this kind of work when you are older.

The Window question is "What are ways I do (or could) express appreciation for the service I receive as a member of my family/community/society?" You may wish to say:

You might like to focus on acknowledging the service others give that maintains your life. You might show your appreciation by representing some important services or the people who provide them, on your Window/Mirror Panel.

Explain that participants can express how they relate to service work now, or how they would like to relate to service work in the future.

Direct children to the newsprint from Activity 2 to help them recall the service jobs they had thought of and the people who do them. They may use the pre-cut paper or work directly on their Window/Mirror Panels. You may wish to remind them about magazines available to cut up which may have images of service providers at work.

Warn children when they have several minutes left, to allow enough time for them to attach smaller pieces to their Window/Mirror Panels.

If you are not doing Activity 4, Making Cards for Veterans in Hospitals, next, ask the group to help clean up and put away the Window/Mirror Panels and arts and crafts materials.