Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Windows and Mirrors: A Program about Diversity for Grades 4-5

Faith In Action: Congregation Self-Portrait

Activity time: 35 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Newsprint, markers and tape
  • Notepads and pencils

Preparation for Activity

  • Make arrangements with the religious educator and parish minister to join the group for all or part of a walking tour of the congregational facility.

Description of Activity

This is an opportunity for the group to understand more about their faith community.

Post blank newsprint. Brainstorm with the group questions they have about the congregation and its building, members, and history. Some questions you may want to suggest are: What is the name of the congregation? Has the name ever changed, perhaps from "church" to "congregation"? Why or why not? Where is the congregation located? Is it in an urban, suburban, or rural area? How does its geographical location affect who joins the congregation? Have members ever seen a homeless person near or around the congregation's facility? Is the building surrounded by land-is there a parking lot? What are some of the social justice activities the congregation is involved in? Where in the building are windows located? Are they decorative, designed to allow in natural light, or covered to keep rooms quiet or private?

Lead the children on a tour of the facility. Invite them to take notes on what they observe.

If your religious professionals or lay leaders join you, they can answer some of the group's questions. Bring the questions with you on the tour and suggest visiting adults answer them at appropriate locations in the building.

Including All Participants

Make sure all areas to be visited are fully accessible. This activity is not recommended if the entire group cannot participate fully.