Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Wonderful Welcome: A Program for Children Grades K-1

Leader Resource 2: Scenarios for Sharing Intangible Gifts in Our Families

Read the scenarios aloud to the group to act out, if they choose, and to discuss. After you present each scenario, help the children identify the intangible gifts such as kindness, respect and caring that could be brought to the scenario.

Scenario 1

You are three siblings. There is no school today. It is very hot outside. Your dad has told you to stay together. One of you wants to play in a sprinkler. One wants to go to the library, because it is air-conditioned. One of you can't read and is thirsty for something cold to drink.

Scenario 2

You are two siblings. You want to watch a DVD but your mom has told you to finish your homework and clean up the living room first. One of you has lots of homework left to do. There are lots of toys to clean up, belonging to both of you.

Scenario 3

You are a grandparent and a child who are at home. The phone rings. It is hard for the grandparent to get up.

Scenario 4

You are a mom and a child. The mom is putting the child to bed but the child is not tired. Not at all. The child wants the mom to stay longer and read some more stories together. The mom is also tired and wants the child to go to sleep so she can go to sleep, too, in her own room.

Scenario 5

You are children who are hungry at dinnertime. Your parents are preparing food, but it is taking a long time. The table is not set and you have not washed your hands.