Tapestry of Faith: Wonderful Welcome: A Program for Children Grades K-1

Activity 1: The Wonder Box

Activity time: 5 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Use Leader Resource 1, Golden Rulers, and the instructions in Activity 3: Making Golden Rulers, to make a Golden Ruler.
  • Place a Golden Ruler in the Wonder Box.

Description of Activity

While the children are still in a circle around the chalice, show them the Wonder Box. Invite them to guess what gift could be in this big, beautifully-wrapped box. Take some guesses. Then pass the box around, for children to open and find the Golden Ruler inside. Ask the children if they have ever heard of the Golden Rule, and what they know about it. Then say:

This Golden Ruler represents the Golden Rule. Jesus was one of the world's greatest teachers. He wanted to help people be closer to God by teaching the ideas of the Jewish faith in a simple way. He taught people to follow the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule says we should treat others the way we want others to treat us. It sounds like an easy rule. However, sometimes it is hard to follow. We will talk about why it is important that we try our best to be kind everyday.

Ask the children, "What are some ways to show kindness?" Affirm answers that demonstrate kindness, such as, "Saying 'please' and 'thank you.'" "Helping a person who falls down." "Sharing snacks with friends."