Tapestry of Faith: Wonderful Welcome: A Program for Children Grades K-1

Taking It Home: The Gift Of Forgiveness

When I see the Ten Most Wanted Lists... I always have this thought: If we'd made them feel wanted earlier, they wouldn't be wanted now.

Eddie Cantor, 20th-century actor, singer and comedian

Forgiveness is the act of admitting we are like other people.

Christina Baldwin, Life's Companion, Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest

It is by forgiving that one is forgiven.

Mother Terasa


When children opened the Wonder Box today, they found a picture of a dove bearing an olive branch — a common symbol for peace. We talked about the intangible gift of forgiveness, something we can use to restore peace to a relationship when we feel hurt or wronged. The children learned that forgiving somebody can make things fair again and can be a way to welcome someone back with you after a conflict.

In the story from India, a prince and a rhinoceros, Great Joy, are good friends. Great Joy offers to help the prince win gold in a race, but in his hunger to win, the prince abuses Great Joy, who then refuses to perform. Mistrust and mistreatment are overcome when an apology is accepted.


Have there been conflicts in your family that ended in forgiveness, or should have? Talk together about these times.

EXTEND THE TOPIC TOGETHER. Try... Make a family covenant together with forgiveness as its focus. Acknowledge that there will be conflict within the family, and agree together that the individuals in conflict will seek forgiveness of one another — even if it takes time for the forgiveness to come.