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Activity 2: Water Play

Activity time: 8 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Shallow basins of water, one for every two or three participants
  • Water play items, such as funnels, whisks, rubber ducks, sieves, spoons, eye droppers, and straws - a few for each basin
  • Optional: Bubble solution (or hand-wash dishwashing liquid) and/or food coloring
  • Optional: One large basin and/or clean vinyl gutters or plastic tubes
  • Rags and towels for clean-up

Preparation for Activity

  • You may wish to refresh the basins used for bubble prints in the Opening with clean, warm water.
  • Gather a variety of water play items and tools, and set out several with each basin of water.

Description of Activity

Allow children to explore, in free play, the way water embodies various qualities of the Spirit of Life.

Invite participants to gather in groups of two or three at the filled basins of water, and enjoy some free-form experimentation with water and tools. When the play lags, suggest participants add dish soap and/or food coloring.

As the children play, encourage them to feel the water run through their fingers, listen to the water pour out, and try to visually track where the water goes as they squirt it, splash it, or stir it.


If your space can accommodate it - or, if you have an outdoor space - convene the group at one large basin. Or, use vinyl gutters to create sluices from one basin to another.