Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Toolbox of Faith: A Program That Helps Children Discover the Uses of Faith

Activity 1: Story - Creation

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • A copy of the story, "Creation," a retelling of a story in Genesis, in the Hebrew scriptures

Preparation for Activity

  • Read the story and decide whom you will ask to read the roles of "Appreciating Voice" and "Bible Voice."

Description of Activity

Gather the group to hear a story. You may tell them:

This story is based on the first of two versions of the creation story found in Hebrew scripture in the Book of Genesis, Chapters 1 and 2. This story reaches into our Jewish and ChristIan heritage, our love of reason, and our Unitarian Universalist tradition of seeking the divine in everything - all in a bundle called Spirit of Life.