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Faith In Action: Ideas

Description of Activity

Resiliency around Us

In local, national, or international events or history, find specific examples of an individual or a community being resilient. Bring these to the group to explore and discuss. Examples might be individuals who have relocated or are rebuilding their homes after the Gulf Coast hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, or political refugees from other countries who may have settled in your community. Help children examine how and speculate about why the people you've chosen are resilient. What strategies do the people use to act with resilience? Does faith help power the people's resiliency? Faith in whom, or faith in what?

Encourage the group to think of ways they could affirm or support another person or community in their resiliency. Make a plan to do one or more of the actions the group suggests.

Resiliency through Celebration in Jewish Tradition

Extend the group's encounter with Miriam's resiliency into an experience of contemporary Jewish celebration. If it is the time of year for Purim (usually in March), celebrate with a Jewish congregation in your area and learn about another resilient woman from Hebrew scripture, Queen Esther. Or, you may be able to attend a klezmer concert in your area.