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Activity 3: Making Tambourines

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • For Paper Plate and Jingle Bells Tambourines: A stiff paper or plastic plate for each participant, jingle bells, curling ribbon, string or yard, a hole-puncher, and scissors
  • For Plastic Lid and Washers Tambourines: A large, plastic, coffee can lid for each participant; pipe cleaners; large brass or steel washers, stickers, curling ribbon, a hole-puncher, and scissors
  • Optional: Paint, paintbrushes, and newspaper to cover worktables

Preparation for Activity

  • Decide how to combine this activity with Activity 4: Jewish Celebration in Song and Dance. For example, you can teach a dance, listen to a song while making tambourines, and then have participants use the tambourines to dance again.
  • Set out the materials you need, on worktables.

Description of Activity

Miriam's symbol is the tambourine, or timbrel. Make one of these versions to accompany the dancing and as a reminder of resiliency. You may invite the children to paint their tambourines.

Paper Plate and Jingle Bells Tambourines

Punch holes all around a paper plate. Push the base of a jingle bell through some of the holes, stringing a piece of yarn through each and tying in place. You can also tie some jingle bells onto longer pieces of yarn, and secure the yarn to the paper plate. Tie on curling ribbon and curl with scissors.

Plastic Lid and Washers Tambourines

Punch holes around the plastic lid. String two or three steel or brass washers onto a pipe cleaner and twist one end. Insert the other end of the pipe cleaner through a hole in the plastic lid, and secure by twisting. Place decals or stickers on the tops of the lids.