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Activity 4: "I'm Sorry" Cards

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • 8.5 x 11-inch paper and 6 x 8-inch envelopes for all participants
  • Markers, decorations (such as toothpicks, ribbon, colored paper, rubber stamps, stickers, glitter, or yarn), and glue sticks
  • Optional: A sample card that says, "I'm sorry"

Preparation for Activity

  • Optional: Fold a sheet of paper into a sample card including the words, "I'm sorry."
  • Set materials at worktables.

Description of Activity

Gather participants at worktables. Invite them to make a card which expresses an apology and a hope for something with which they would like to be back in balance. Ask them to think for a moment about whom they might give or send such a card.

Demonstrate how to fold the sheets of paper into cards that will fit in the envelopes. If you have made a sample card, show it to the group. Encourage participants to create a unique card to say whatever apology and hope they might like to express.

Because of the sensitive nature of apologies, do not force the topic with a child who is uncomfortable. Suggest he/she make another type of card. Tell the children they may use the envelopes to keep their cards private.