Tapestry of Faith: Toolbox of Faith: A Program That Helps Children Discover the Uses of Faith

Activity 4: Light Crafts

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • For Luminaria
    • Paper lunch bags, tea lights, pencils, and scissors (including left-handed scissors) for all participants
    • A large bag of sand, enough to fill each bag one third full, and cups to use as scoops
    • Optional: Colored tissue paper and clear tape
  • For Personal Decorated Candle
    • Pillar or votive candles for all participants
    • Non-flammable decorations for the outside of the candle, trays to hold decorations on worktables, and tacky glue

Preparation for Activity

  • Choose one or both of the "light" crafts below, and obtain the materials you will need. You may also like to consider making Tin Can Luminaria - see how on DLTK's Growing Together website.
  • Optional: For a Faith in Action project, arrange for a luminaria made by the children to line a walkway at your congregation when adults will arrive for a nighttime event - ideally, a social justice-focused event.
  • Provide worktables. Chairs are optional, as some children prefer standing to make crafts. Set out materials on worktables.

Description of Activity

Participants will have opportunities to create a personal "light" to symbolize the light in each person.


Make a paper bag luminaria to emphasize the light of justice that can illuminate a path. In Latin America and the U.S. Southwest, people traditionally place these paper bag lights along walkways and roads, often during winter holidays.

Invite each child to draw and cut out a simple design in the side of a paper lunch bag. A stained glass effect can be created by taping colored tissue paper on the inside of the bag to cover the cut-out design. Fill each bag one third full with sand. Place a tea light in the sand, making sure it will not touch the sides of the bag. Place at an entry or patio. Luminarias are traditionally used to light the way for guests at Christmas time.

Personal Decorated Candle

Each participant can design their own decorated candle, to remind them of the light that shines in them. Distribute a candle to each child and invite them to use the gemstones, glitter and other non-flammable items you have provided to decorate their candle.