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Visit the Faithful Fools Street Ministry website. Sister Carmen Barsody and the Reverend Kay Jorgensen bring, respectively, Catholic and Unitarian Universalist training and traditions to their street ministry of "spiritual foolery" in San Francisco, California. The website articulates their mission:

"Faithful" in our accompaniment of people with a presence that acknowledges each human's incredible worth. "Fools" are one[s] who see the world in all its glorious absurdity and act on what they see. "Streets" being a place where we discover our common humanity making way for celebration, community and healing to occur. "Ministry" is a way of living and being in the world that mirrors the presence of God.

There is a movement called "Laughter Yoga" which really isn't about yoga poses but is about the value of laughter. On the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga website, learn about this group which encourages the formation of "Laughter Clubs" in which the sole purpose is to enjoy a good hearty laugh. Maybe there is a Laughter Club near you. On the gallery page of the website, watch a video of laughter exercises.