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Activity 4: Clown Painting

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • For each group of three participants: a set of face paints or make-up; cotton swabs for brushes, one per color; a cup of water; cosmetic sponges; an old towel or sheet to drape around the neck of the person being painted
  • Optional: Paper and markers to sketch out designs
  • Optional: Examples of face painting designs

Preparation for Activity

  • Look at the face-painting tips at the Community Playthings website and print out a few examples to show the group. You may want to gather some face-painting how-to books. A good one which includes a set of face paints is Face Painting (Palo Alto, CA: Klutz Press, 2007). There may be someone in the congregation who is skilled in this activity.

Description of Activity

Divide participants into groups of three to make their own clownish designs with face paints. Have a set of paints and supplies for each group. Invite them to look through examples, if you have brought some, and to sketch ideas on paper. Or they may wish to create as they go.

Participants may want to try hand painting. Instruct them to hold a thumb alongside their hand and draw lips where the thumb and forefinger meet. Add more facial features and then see if the hand face can manage a tongue twister or two. Try the classic "unique New York," or the absurd "girl gargoyle, guy gargoyle."