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Handout 2: Courage and Conviction Letter

You had a chance today to think about some of your own convictions — the things you believe are so important you would stand up for them, even when it is hard to do. Keep your list of convictions, if you made one, or make one later, if you didn't. Keep thinking about the beliefs and concerns that are worth your energy and your commitment. Talk with the people you trust in your life about their convictions, and about what you're thinking of as your own.

Keep building your courage, as well — not your courage to be a daredevil or famous (though that may be OK too), but more importantly, your courage to be the person you want to be. You will need courage to be the kind of person who lives out their convictions, and stands up for what they believe. And remember, when you need it, your religious education group and your Unitarian Universalist religious community will help you along.