Tapestry of Faith: Toolbox of Faith: A Program That Helps Children Discover the Uses of Faith

Leader Resource 1: Introductory Letter to Participants and Families

Before the Toolbox of Faith program begins, customize this letter for your program and distribute to participants' families as a handout, mailer, or group e-mail. You may like to do this several weeks ahead of the first session, to give families time to gather real tools they can contribute to the program.

Dear [name of participant] and Family,

What do duct tape, a hardhat, sandpaper, and a magnifying glass have to do with religious education? They are some of the real tools that we will use in the Toolbox of Faith program as symbols of the tools we use to be Unitarian Universalists. For example, we will use duct tape to reflect on being flexible in our faith; we will use a hardhat to represent being resilient in our faith; and we will use sandpaper to illustrate how to smooth out rough spots with humor in our faith. Welcome to the Toolbox of Faith program!

In Toolbox of Faith, you may learn how to play the Cloak and Dagger game, how to make a compass and a duct tape lunch bag, and what Athenian ostracism meant in classical Greece. (It's like being "voted off the island," 4000 years ago!). You will hear intriguing, thought-provoking stories about some of the important qualities of our faith, and have Council Circle discussions to reflect on how we live our Unitarian Universalist faith in our everyday lives.

NOTE: We will need several of each of the following tools to use during our sessions. Please let us know if your family can donate or lend:

SESSION 1: Toolbox and Ruler (Faith)

SESSION 2: Magnifying Glass (Questioning)

SESSION 3: Compass (Integrity)

SESSION 4: Duct Tape (Flexibility)

SESSION 5: Mirror (Reflection)

SESSION 6: Paintbrush (Expression)

SESSION 7: Chalk (Democratic Process)

SESSION 8: Hammer (Power)

SESSION 9: Canteen (Spirit of Life)

SESSION 10: Saddlebags, such as bike panniers or backpacks (Courage)

SESSION 11: Listening Tool, such as an auto mechanics' listening tool, a stethoscope, large seashells, or even a spy listening toy (Listening)

SESSION 12: Sandpaper (Humor)

SESSION 13: Gloves (Love)

SESSION 14: Flashlight (Justice)

SESSION 15: Level (Atonement)

SESSION 16: Hardhat (Resiliency)

Please contact us if you can lend some tools. Thanks!

We look forward to seeing you on [first session day, date, at time and place] to begin the program.

(Co-leader names and contact information)