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Leader Resource 1: Moral Compass Poster

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How to Make the Moral Compass Poster

The Moral Compass poster is introduced in Session 2 with instructions for displaying and using it during each session of Moral Tales. The Moral Compass poster helps children visualize the concept of directions we can choose to go that lead us to acting for goodness and justice. As you progress through Moral Tales, you will add a word or phrase during each session that indicates a direction on the Moral Compass.

Each session gives you guidance for adding the key word or phrase to the Moral Compass poster. Usually this occurs during the Closing. You can add a word or phrase by writing it directly on the Moral Compass poster or by posting an index card or a pre-printed slip of paper with the word or phrase on it. You need not position the words or phrases in any particular place on the compass or in any particular order.

You can make your Moral Compass poster as elaborate or simple as you like. Make it large enough to accommodate all the key words and phrases you plan to add. Modify these basic instructions as you wish.


Large sheet of poster board

Another piece of poster board

A brass fastener



Optional: Push pin and string

On a large sheet of poster board, draw a large circle. To trace the circle shape, tie a piece of string to a push pin, push the push pin through the center of the poster board, and tie a marker to the other end of the string. Tape the push pin to the back of the poster board or hold it with one hand securely while you move the marker around with the other hand. Pull the string gently taut, as you go, to draw a neat circle. Make the circle large enough to accommodate all the written words and phrases you will eventually add as directions on the Moral Compass.

You may wish to make index cards or slips of paper with the key words and phrases in advance. Store them in a place where you can easily find the one you need for each session, along with the tape to post them. You can handwrite the words and phrases on index cards or pre-cut paper as you go, or plan to write them directly on the Moral Compass poster during each session. You may wish to download the list of sessions and phrases (below). Cut and paste each word or phrase into a word processing document. Then, choose a large, bold font and print them out.

From another sheet of poster board, cut an arrow. It should be about three quarters the length of your circle's radius and wide enough for you to write the words "Goodness and Justice" on it. If you wish, you can type "Goodness & Justice" in a large, bold font and print the words out. Then cut them to fit onto the arrow.

Place the arrow's blunt end across the center of the circle and secure the arrow to the larger piece of poster board with a brass paper-fastener.

You will want the arrow and poster secured together tightly enough for you to position the arrow (the compass needle) where you want, while leading the group.

Note: Alternate Activity 2 in Session 16 involves spinning the Moral Compass. If you plan to do this activity, you may wish to experiment with the brass paper-fastener.

Key Words and Phrases for Moral Tales Sessions



Concept as Noted on Moral Compass Poster


We Are All One



Conscience: Hearing the Inner Voice

Inner voice


Faith, Hope and Prayer



In Another's Shoes






Welcome One and All



Seeing Others with Awe



Do Unto Others

Golden Rule


Generosity: Give and Ye Shall Receive



Footprints: Treading Softly on Earth



Do No Harm



Making a Difference



Justice for All



Acting When Conscience Calls



Courage and Perseverance



Working Together


Leader Resource 1 Moral Compass Poster