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Leader Resource 1: Courage Stickers Letter To Parents

Part of Moral Tales

Dear Parents,

As part of our exploration of the virtue of courage your children have begun a two-part Faith in Action project, "Courage" stickers. Today they made heart-shaped stickers. (Courage comes from the French word, "coeur," which means heart.)

The goal of this project is for the children to ask other people to tell them about times when they have found the courage to do difficult things that they felt were right to do. The children will reward them with a sticker. The children will also reward themselves with stickers when they think they have done something that took courage.

When the children next return to Moral Tales, on (day, date), they will have a chance to share their stories about what they have done with their courage stickers. If they like, they can invite one person to come and tell a story of courage to the Moral Tales group.

We thank you for supporting your child in this project. We would also love to have you visit the group next time, if you would like to share a story of a time when you did something that felt risky, but that you felt was the right thing to do. Please let us know if you will be coming, so we can plan accordingly.

Thanks again. It is a pleasure to have your child in our Moral Tales group.

In faith,

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