Tapestry of Faith: Moral Tales: A Program on Making Choices for Grades 2-3


Part of Moral Tales

Activity time: 3 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Newsprint, markers, and tape
  • Optional: Music and player
  • Optional: Guitar, piano or other instrument

Preparation for Activity

  • Look at Hymn 131 in Singing the Living Tradition, "Love Will Guide Us." You may like to use it as the closing song for this session. If the song is unfamiliar to you and you do not read music, consider asking your music director to teach it to you. Or, invite a musical volunteer to join the group for the Closing and teach and lead the song.
  • Or, you may use the closing song or words the group usually uses, or one of the suggestions in Session 1, Leader Resource, Alternate Closings. However, it is generally recommended that you use the same closing ritual in every session.
  • Write the words of the closing song on newsprint and place it where the children will be able to see it during the Closing.
  • Place the Moral Compass poster where all of the children can see it.
  • Write the word "Fairness" on a piece of card stock to attach to the Moral Compass poster. Or, if you prefer, plan to write the word "Fairness" directly on the poster.
  • Customize, print out, and photocopy the Taking It Home section for all participants.

Description of Activity

Gather the group in a closing circle. Point out the Moral Compass. Say, in your own words:

Our Moral Compass shows us ways to make good decisions and how to be fair. Today we heard a story about a kingdom where some people didn't have enough food because the king was greedy. A dog barked until the king shared his food. We practiced being watchdogs for justice like the dog in the story. Unitarian Universalists believe that fairness is very important. We are going to add "fairness" to our Moral Compass.

Write the phrase, "Fairness" on the moral compass.

Teach the group "Love Will Guide Us," Hymn 131 in Singing the Living Tradition, line by line. Then lead the group in singing it once through together:

Love will guide us, peace has tried us,

Hope inside us will lead the way

On the road from greed to giving.

Love will guide us through the hard night.

If you cannot sing like angels,

If you cannot speak before thousands,

You can give from deep within you.

You can change the world

With your love.

(Repeat verse one.)

Distribute the Taking It Home handout you have prepared. If new participants need to take home a Gems of Goodness notebook and parent handout, make sure they have these. Thank the children, tell them you look forward to seeing them next time, and dismiss the group.