Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Moral Tales: A Program on Making Choices for Grades 2-3

Welcoming and Entering

Part of Moral Tales

Materials for Activity

  • Mosaic gemstones, at least three per participant
  • A colorful cloth
  • A small notebook, approximately two by three inches, and a marker for each child who is new to the Gems of Goodness project
  • Optional: Stick-on gems or other stickers for children who are new to the Gems of Goodness project

Preparation for Activity

  • If this is the first time you will lead the Gems of Goodness project, or the first time some children will participate in it, review Session 2, Activity 8: Introduction to the "Gems of Goodness" Project.
  • For any children who have not yet participated in this project, have ready a small notebook, a marker for writing their names, and stick-on gems, stickers, or other decorations. Write the words, "My Acts of Goodness," on each notebook.
  • Make sure you have a parent handout (Session 2, Leader Resource, Gems of Goodness Letter to Parents) for each new child.
  • Place the colorful cloth on a table where all the children can see and reach it.
  • Spread out the mosaic gemstones on the cloth.

Description of Activity

As children enter, greet them and direct them to the table with the gemstones.

Ask the children to choose one, two, or three gemstones to represent acts of goodness that they did or witnessed since the last time they came to Moral Tales. If you wish, help focus the children on particular directions on the Moral Compass that you have posted, so far.

If any children are participating for the first time in the Gems of Goodness project, invite them to choose a notebook, write their name on it, and decorate it as they wish. Tell them they may also pick three gemstones to bring into the circle.