Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Sing to the Power: A Social Justice Program for Children Grades 4-5

Leader Resource 1: Meditation - Square Inch of Silence

Please close your eyes, and place your hands, palms open, in your lap. Shrug your shoulders up toward your ears. Push them up as high and tight as they will go, and then let your shoulders drop and relax. Imagine that you are sitting on the mossy log next to the stone that marks the One Square Inch of Silence in the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park.

Listen. Around you there is only the sound of birds, and of wind moving through the trees. Still yourself, to match that quiet. You are simply a piece of the silence. You are as large as the great trees above you. You are as tiny as the raindrop caught on the tip of a leaf. Make your ears large, your mouth small. Just for a moment, for one square inch of time, become still, become silent.