Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Sing to the Power: A Social Justice Program for Children Grades 4-5

Leader Resource 1: Scenarios for Flexible Solutions


Group A. You are a group of parents who would like your babies and toddlers to be with you during the worship service.

Group B. You are a group of older people who have a hard time hearing the service, and think that noisy babies and toddlers should stay in nursery care during the worship service.


Group A. You are a group of vegans who think that eating any animal products is wrong, and who think that at your upcoming overnight camp no animal products should be served.

Group B. You are a group of omnivores who think that eating protein is important, and that people should eat what they like. You know marshmallows contain gelatin, an animal product, but it won't feel like camp if you don't roast marshmallows.


Group A. You are high-energy kids in a religious education group who love to run, play, and move. You think your curriculum should be entirely active games that are fun and not boring.

Group B. You are verbal and artistic kids who like to talk about things, learn new things from books, and create beautiful arts and crafts projects. You think your curriculum should be entirely things you can do sitting down.


Group A. You are dog lovers who know how much your dogs love to run and play off leash. You think that dogs should be allowed to enjoy themselves off-leash in your big local park.

Group B. You are parents who take your small children to play in your local park. You think that off-leash dogs are dangerous, and that having dogs in the park at all makes the park less of a place that you would want to take your children to play.