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Faith In Action: Sharing Fun Times

Preparation for Activity

  • Consult with congregational leaders to schedule a Game Day and share logistics planning.

Description of Activity

Children share games with the congregation.

Has your congregation ever designated a Sunday morning as Game Day? Sometimes religious educators will choose a Sunday on which they expect low attendance (like a holiday weekend or summer Sunday) and declare a Game Day, when children and youth can play games during RE. The Signs of Our Faith community could ask the worship staff if one Sunday could be declared Game Day for the entire congregation. After the service, children invite everyone to stay for games. Stations can be set up outside and inside. Children and youth from other RE classes, as well as adults, can cover each station, leading a different game. Pick a balanced assortment of games: Some games that involve movement are fine, as long as not all the games require movement. Twenty Questions and Red Light/Green Light are good choices.