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Faith In Action: Celebration Kits

Preparation for Activity

  • Confer with worship leaders and your religious educator to gather suggestions for worship services that are appropriate for giving individuals a kit.
  • Choose one or two simple craft activities for children to make items for kits, and obtain materials.
  • Purchase additional items for kits, gift bags, and decorating materials. If possible, present this idea some days before leading this activity, so children will have an opportunity to brainstorm items to include.

Description of Activity

The group helps congregants celebrate good times.

Often, after sharing has happened in Joys and Concerns, people focus on supporting congregants going through difficult times. This is good. Yet, it is also nice to know that others join you in celebrating happy events in your life. Children can help members of the congregation recognize one another's joys by creating celebration kits.

Ask the group for reasons why someone might light a candle of joy. These include births, adoptions, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, recovering from an illness or accident, getting accepted into a school or program, and getting a new job, among other joys.

Brainstorm low cost items the kit could include to help a person celebrate. Consider:

  • A congratulations card
  • Party horns
  • Mardi Gras beads or leis
  • Brightly colored candy
  • Small photo frame to hold a memento of their happy day.

Children can create congratulation cards featuring balloons or smiley faces, with the message "Thanks for sharing your happiness!" inside.

Put together items in small gift bags and tie the bags with ribbon. Tell the children who will receive the kits, and if appropriate, engage their suggestions. Keep in mind that the group cannot make enough for every joy shared every week. Perhaps it is given to children who share a joy at a particular multigenerational worship service or to elders or people sharing during a service with an appropriate theme (caring, community, joy, etc.). If the congregation receives the idea of the kit well, perhaps a committee will undertake producing them regularly.