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Faith In Action: Baby Cuddlers

Preparation for Activity

  • At least three weeks ahead of time, invite a guest speaker to talk to the group about programs that enlist volunteers to rock babies in hospitals. Search the congregation or local hospitals for a speaker.
  • Prepare the speaker to make a five- to ten-minute presentation: Tell them the age of the group and the theme of the session. Ask them to bring any photos or illustrations they may have. Also, ask if there is a way for children to help, such as making simple toys or writing thank you cards to the cuddlers; obtain the materials you will need for the children to do a craft. You might use Alternate Activity 1, Leadership in Action - Dolls for Dedication and have the children make cloth dolls for cuddlers to use on the job.

Description of Activity

Participants learn about baby cuddling or baby rocking-a way to give service that welcomes a newborn and shows reverence for their new life.

Introduce the guest speaker by saying that one way we show what we believe in is by what we dedicate our time to doing. Some adults (and perhaps youth-check with your guest) dedicate some of their time to helping sick newborn babies by offering them the warmth and love of close cuddling. Explain that these volunteers visit a hospital to cuddle and rock the babies that must stay in the hospital until they are healthy enough to go home with their families.

Invite the speaker to talk for five to ten minutes. Make sure there is time for questions. If the speaker suggested a craft activity the children can do to help, lead the activity. Thank your guest and congratulate the children on how well they welcomed them.