Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Signs of Our Faith: A Program about Being UU Every Day for Grades 2-3

Activity 1: What I Love about Being UU

Activity time: 20 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Newsprint, markers, and tape
  • Drawing paper
  • Crayons and markers in a variety of colors, to share

Preparation for Activity

  • Write on newsprint, "I love being UU at this congregation because... " Under this, write "I like coming to this UU congregation because... "
  • Be prepared to help new or visiting children complete the second phrase. Some examples include, "I like visiting this congregation because my friend is here" or "I like coming here because my dads come with me."
  • Optional: Identify a bulletin board where you can display the children's drawings, after the session.

Description of Activity

Participants identify something they love or like about being UU or coming to the congregation.

Indicate the newsprint and say, in your own words:

Each of you has your own reasons why you like to be a UU here at our congregation or why you like to visit our UU congregation. You can pick which sentence you want to complete, and think of your own answer.

Read the two phrases aloud. Then say:

Let me give you some ideas. You can finish either phrase with something UUs believe. For example, "I like being Unitarian Universalist at our congregation because... UUs try to respect all people."

You can finish either phrase with an activity UUs do at our congregation. For example, "I like being Unitarian Universalist at our congregation because... we collect food for the hungry."

You can finish a phrase with something you have learned to do in RE or in worship services at our congregation. For example, "I like being Unitarian Universalist at our congregation because... we learn hymns here and singing together makes me feel good."

If you are new or visiting, even if you are only here for today, you can say a reason you like to visit. For example, because you get to see friends here or make new friends, or because you think the building or something about it is pretty. Or maybe you've noticed one thing you really like, such as our chalice for worshipping together, or the recycling bins that mean UUs try to take care of the earth.

Distribute drawing paper and set out markers and crayons. Invite children to write their ending to one of the sentences on their paper, and draw a picture to show what they love or like. Help children think of an answer and write it on their paper, as needed. Use clarifying questions to help participants identify what they love about their UU experiences. For example, if a child says they love coming to RE, ask which parts of RE they love: seeing friends, doing art work, hearing stories? Is there a particular story they especially liked?

Allow 10 minutes for children to draw. Give a two-minute warning, then gather the large group and invite volunteers to share. Say it is okay if they do not want to share and okay if they do want to share.

Affirm that there are many different reasons people come to the congregation. People love different things about Unitarian Universalism and that is okay, too, because everyone is on their own, unique faith journey.

Optional: After the session, you may wish to display the children's drawings. Include the phrase "I love being UU at our congregation because... " in the display.