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Taking It Home: We Lead

Our leadership is just ourself. — Claudette Colvin, civil rights activist

A community is like a ship: everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm. — Henrik Ibsen, playwright

IN TODAY'S SESSION... we said that, as Unitarian Universalists, we provide leadership and service to our congregation and other communities to which we belong. We talked about different ways to provide leadership and the qualities of a good leader.

EXPLORE THE TOPIC TOGETHER. Talk about... ways family members provide leadership at your congregation. How have they served in the past? How are they serving now? How would they like to serve in the future? Consider roles, and potential roles, for all ages.

EXTEND THE TOPIC TOGETHER. Chores are an opportunity to share leadership of your family. Do some of chores allow the person who does them to make a unique contribution to the life of your family? You can try this in groups other than your family, too. If you think sharing leadership is important, volunteer to do something you normally do not do. Gather equipment at the end of a sports practice. Help fold laundry at home. Ask for instructions, if needed, to perform the service well. Let the people around you know that you think shared leadership is important and you are doing your part. After all, as the quote says, "Leadership is just ourself."

Family Game. The Laughter Yoga Institute website includes fun variations for the game Follow the Leader. Play with your family and friends.

Family Discovery. Play Leadership Mix-Up. Let family members change leadership roles. Perhaps the children should make out the grocery list and parents should feed the pets. Invite each person to see how well they can perform services normally d by someone else. Perhaps you will discover new talents.

Family Ritual. Start a leadership check-in. One way is to start or end a weekly dinner by putting out a bowl of grapes. Everyone should share a way they have provided leadership to a community (congregation, school, scouts, dance class, sports team, or other groups) and take a grape. You can substitute other items for grapes, such as little candies, stickers, or pennies.

Family Adventure. Watch the Disney movie, "Finding Nemo," in which creatures of all ages and species have chances to lead—some well, some not so well. What does it have to say about leadership. Is "Just keep swimming?" a mantra leaders might use? What other movies are about leadership? Watch this cartoon about leadership and forgiveness. Who shows good leadership? Is apologizing when you are wrong a good trait for a leader?