Tapestry of Faith: Signs of Our Faith: A Program about Being UU Every Day for Grades 2-3


Leadership in Action

Use Alternate Activities to extend session time, add sessions, or replace core activities to better suit the group. Signs of Our Faith includes a special series of Alternate Activities called Leadership in Action (LIA). These are presented as Alternate Activities because they usually cannot be conducted during the session. They frequently engage with the larger congregation and provide opportunities for children to take a leadership role. Activities such as writing and reciting a chalice lighting in congregational worship, nominating an organization to receive a share of the offertory plate, and hosting a welcoming event for families who join the congregation teach children much about the life of the congregation and help them become comfortable interacting with congregants of all ages. Try to include as many LIAs in the program as your schedule will allow.

Guest Speakers

Several sessions include activities that can be enriched by inclusion of a guest speaker. Mark these sessions on your calendar and plan to recruit guests several weeks ahead. Contact each guest a week before the session to confirm their attendance and remind them what you wish them to present. It is particularly important to remind them of the time allowed for their visit and of the age of participants, which calls for short presentations, with time for questions and answers.