Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Riddle and Mystery: A Program on the Big Questions for Grade 6

Leader Resource 1: WCUU Script - The UU Advisor

To the Anchor:

Today's WCUU broadcast explores UU answers to today's Big Question: "Is life fair?" Several candidates will try out for the position of Dr. Phayre, a TV advice person who answers viewer questions on-air, from a UU point of view. The current Dr. Phayre, a WCUU celebrity, is now retiring. Your job is to follow the script, read your part and otherwise keep things going. When the broadcast begins, you, Dr. Phayre, the four Candidates and the NUUs Analyst are sitting or standing on camera, in front of the microphone(s).

[Director: Cue the station break.]

[Director: Cue the Anchor.]

Anchor: This is WCUU, Wisdom of the Community of Unitarian Universalists, on the air.

[Director: Cue the theme music.]

Anchor: Good morning. I am [give your real or stage name], and what a show we have for you today. Our old friend Dr. Phayre is retiring and today four Candidates will audition to be the new Dr. Phayre. Each Candidate will answer a randomly selected question about how to correct a problem situation to be more fair. Our NUUs Analyst will be the judge and choose the best Candidate to be the new Dr. Phayre for WCUU. Let me call on the old Dr. Phayre now. Can you explain more, Dr. Phayre?

Dr. Phayre. I sure can. Today's competition is built around the Big Question that asks "Is life fair?" UUs say that life is often not fair, and that we must do something about it.

Anchor: How do we know that most UUs think that?

Dr. Phayre: By looking at the UU Principles. See, there they are on the wall over there. [Director: Cue Camera Operator to show the Principles posted on meeting space wall.] Look at the second one. It does not mention the word "fair," but it talks about justice and equity. The sixth Principle talks about "justice for all," and all the Principles together make it clear that UUs want life to be fair. [Director: Cue Camera Operator to focus on On-Air People in studio.]

Dr. Phayre: I think the best word is "fairly," not "equally." We cannot treat everybody in exactly the same way. But we can treat them fairly. Fair parents may not give all their children piano lessons. All the children may not want piano lessons. But fair parents will give all their children an equal chance to learn something special.

Dr. Phayre: Because Unitarian Universalism is a humanistic religion. That means UUs think humans have to help run the world and even the universe, and to help solve problems.

Dr. Phayre: My job is to advise people who write or call in or email the station with problems and questions. I try to help them find ways to make life fairer. Having somebody like me on board is one way WCUU serves the whole UU community.

Anchor: Great! And you have been wonderful at your job, Dr. Phayre. We are sad to have you leave. But at least we have four good candidates for your job. We are going to choose one right now. Here's what will happen. I will draw questions from sixth graders at random from this basket. [Anchor lifts it up and shows it to camera.] I will give one to each Candidate and let them each have a minute to consider their answer. Then they will answer the question on-air. Our NUUs Analyst will listen, and just a few minutes from now, choose our new Dr. Phayre. Is everybody ready?

[Anchor draws a question from basket and hands it to First Candidate, then does the same for the other Candidates.}

Now let's have a bit of music while our Candidates think over their answers.

[Director: Cue theme music. Give Candidates up to a minute to read and think about the questions. Then, cue music to stop. Cue Anchor.]

Anchor: Ready, First Candidate? Read us your question and then give us your answer.

First Candidate: [Reads question and gives a brief answer.]

Anchor: And now Second Candidate, the same thing.

Second Candidate: [Reads question and gives a brief answer.]

Anchor: Your turn, Third Candidate.

Third Candidate: [Reads question and gives a brief answer.]

Anchor: Last but not least, Fourth Candidate.

Fourth Candidate: [Reads question and gives a brief answer.]

Anchor: That is great. Now it is all up to you, NUUs Analyst. Who will the winner be? Who gets to be our next Dr. Phayre? We'll give you one round of theme music to decide.

[Director: Cue the theme music to play while NUUs Analyst decides.]

Anchor: Okay, NUUs Analyst. The moment has arrived! Who is our winner?

NUUs Analyst: Well, they did a great job, Anchor. They did a very great job indeed, every one of them. I am proud to call them UUs. I am very proud indeed.

NUUs Analyst: But we need a winner, NUUs Analyst. Time is getting short. What do you say?

NUUs Analyst: I have a great big surprise, Anchor. These guys might be great, but I am even greater. I want to be Dr. Phayre myself!

Candidates [together]: Oh no. That is not fair!

Anchor: Oh, good grief. Sorry about that, audience, but our time is up. See you same time, same station, next time.

[Director: Cue the theme music.]

[Director: Cue the station break.]

[Director: Cue the Anchor.]

Anchor: This is [your real or stage name] signing off for WCUU.