Tapestry of Faith: Riddle and Mystery: A Program on the Big Questions for Grade 6

Activity 4: WIT Time - Sharing Stories

Activity time: 10 minutes

Description of Activity

Announce that it is WIT Time, when each youth has a chance to consider and say "What I Think."

Ask youth to share stories about something unfair that happened to them or to a friend. Invite volunteers, rather than going around in a circle; make sure youth know it is all right to pass. Caution youth against telling stories that might embarrass anyone, especially people in the room. Invite the youth to simply say they are talking about what happened to somebody they know, without identifying the people.

With each story, probe:

  • What or who caused the injustice? (Sometimes the causes are complex. Help youth identify human agency. If something was "the school's fault," who exactly created or delivered the school's injustice?)
  • Did you do anything to make the situation better?
  • What could you do next time? (Invite other youth to contribute suggestions.)

You may need to remind youth that "unfair" is not necessarily the same as "not getting your way," but do not attack their perceptions of what is fair or unfair. You may wish to encourage the group to focus on injustices done to their friends instead of themselves.

Including All Participants

Make sure you establish that youth may pass if they prefer not to share a personal story.