Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Riddle and Mystery: A Program on the Big Questions for Grade 6

Leader Resource 3: Where I Stand on Life

1. Is the theory of evolution the best way to explain how life began? Yes — No

2. I would rather study . . . Myths — Science

3. I think that something or someone had to start the whole process of evolution. Call it God, or call it Mystery or whatever, but whatever you call it, it had to be there. Right — Wrong

4. Should public schools teach evolution to kids whose parents say the theory is wrong because God created everything? Heavens, no! — Heavens, yes!

5. I am glad we do not know everything about how life began. I like having scientific mysteries to solve. Life would be boring without them. Agree — Disagree

6. Here's what some people say: "Time, like other stuff, began at the instant of the Big Bang. Before the Big Bang there was no time. So nothing at all could exist. There was absolutely nothing. So everything did come out of nothing at the instant of the Big Bang." Do you agree? Yes — No

7. Who should decide what kind of science is taught in schools? Parents — Governments

8. Is it weird or wonderful to think that some of the atoms in you might have been in somebody else a thousand years ago? Weird — Wonderful

9. Some UUs say that knowing how to use our lives is more important than knowing where they come from. Do you agree? Yes — No