Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Riddle and Mystery: A Program on the Big Questions for Grade 6

Taking It Home: Out of Nothing

Out of the stars in their flight, out of the dust of eternity, here have we come. — Robert T. Weston

Talk about the quote. When you think about how life began, do you go all the way back to the stars?


Today's Big Question is "How did life begin?" We saw that science is one of the best UU Sources to help answer that question, and we heard an answer in the story of evolution. We broadcast a WCUU show about life as a great wonder of the world, and we took a stand to show what we think about the beginning of life.


How do members of your family feel about the theory of evolution? Do all of your relatives feel the same way? How about your friends? Talk about the Source that explains the beginning of life best. Is it religion? Science? Your own experiences and inner feelings?


Watch a DVD called "The Awakening Universe." It is a capsule summary of the past 14 billion years prepared by Thomas Berry and based on the work of cosmologist Brian Swimme. Your congregation or your local library may have a copy, or you can find it online for your family to purchase. You will hear this narration, near the end:

The universe arose and gave rise to the galaxies. The galaxies gave rise to the stars. Our sun gave rise to the earth, and the earth gave rise to life and to all that we are. And now it is causing us to awaken from our dream of lonely isolation so we may rejoin the great community of life and take on our part in the stupendous unfolding story. As Thomas Berry says, "This is our great work."

What does that mean to your family?


Go together to a place that makes you or somebody else in the family think about how life began. Maybe it is a starlit field, or the shore of an ocean. Maybe . . . but you decide.


Photograph something that makes you think about how all of life began. It could be something outdoors, such as flower buds on a tree. It might be a book inside your house. Get a camera and decide what calls to you.


The story of evolution not only explains how life began, it also demonstrates how strongly we are connected to all other life on the planet. Encourage your family to deepen their relationship with another life form. You could do this by caring for plants in a garden, spending more time with pets, or building birdhouses.