Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Riddle and Mystery: A Program on the Big Questions for Grade 6

Activity 3: WCUU - The GUPUS Group

Activity time: 17 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Microphone(s), video camera(s) and tripod(s), real or simulated
  • For studio set
    • Backdrop made in Session 1
    • Painter's tape or masking tape
  • Leader Resource 2, WCUU Script
  • Paper for On-Air People's name cards, markers and string or tape
  • Timepiece
  • A copy of the Unitarian Universalist Principles and Sources (Session 1, Leader Resource 1, or a poster in your meeting space)
  • Optional: Music player for theme song (see Session 1)
  • Optional: Studio lights (flashlights will do)

Preparation for Activity

  • Retrieve real or simulated television studio equipment, backdrop made in Session 1 and other WCUU materials.
  • If necessary, arrange furniture, set up and test equipment and post backdrop. If you plan to record WCUU:
    • Make sure electrical outlets are nearby if you will need them.
    • Pay attention to lighting. Do not set On-Air People in front of a sunlit window.
    • If you are using on-camera microphones, direct On-Air People to speak toward the camera. Invite the Director or Floor Director to use the phrase "Quiet on the Set... Rolling... " followed by a silent countdown from five, using the fingers of one hand, ending with pointing to the On-Air Person to cue them to begin speaking.
  • Make enough copies of Leader Resource 2 for everyone who will need a script for the broadcast. This script has three On-Air people-an Anchor, a UU Guru and a NUUs (pronounced "News") Analyst-and five GUPUS Group members (who will not need scripts). If the group is small, co-leaders can be Studio Crew; if the group is large, the Studio Crew might include a director, a floor director, a camera operator, a sound engineer, a lighting director, a script supervisor and multiple production assistants.
  • Make five name cards for the GUPUS Group: one G, one P, one S and two Us.

Description of Activity

Explain the roles in this WCUU broadcast: three On-Air People (Co-Anchor 1, UU Guru and NUUs Analyst), a five-member GUPUS Group and a Studio Crew. The Studio Crew might include a director, a floor director, a camera operator, a sound engineer, a lighting director, a script supervisor and multiple production assistants.

Assign roles or invite volunteers for On-Air People and Studio Crew. You might offer the Kid for the Day a chance to be the Anchor, the UU Guru or the NUUs Analyst.

Have a leader take aside the five members of the GUPUS Group, give each a name card with a letter on it and explain:

You will come on camera in the order G, U, P, U and S. The Anchor will introduce your group. The UU Guru will sort you into a different order, then ask you each to say two goals for the world and the universe-directions most UUs would agree we ought to go. One example might be world peace, and the G in the GUPUS Group can suggest that in the broadcast. What other words can the Group think of now to use later on the broadcast?

Help the Group come up with ten ideas, so each member has two to suggest during the broadcast. Suggest they look for ideas in the UU Principles posted in your meeting space. Possible words include: justice, equality, compassion, freedom, truth, democratic, acceptance, love, health, respect and interdependence. Be sure each member knows which ideas they will offer.

Distribute scripts to all who will need them. You may wish to read through the script together with the On-Air People if not all participants are fluent readers. Other youth can finalize the studio set-up while the On-Air People prepare-but, do not encourage a lengthy or detailed rehearsal.

Tell the group when the show should end to keep the session on schedule; assign a Studio Crew member (director or floor director) to watch the time.

Begin the broadcast.

Afterward, ask participants:

  • Is "Where are we going?" a question that should be decided by one, wise UU or something we decide together, in community?
  • Do you have answers to share other than those included in the broadcast?
  • How could you summarize a typical UU response to the Big Question "Where are we going?"

Including All Participants

Arrange your WCUU activity with respect for any participants' limitations. If some youth have limited reading skills, review the script in advance of its use with them or perhaps the whole group. If some youth must remain seated during the broadcast, consider having all remain seated.