Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Riddle and Mystery: A Program on the Big Questions for Grade 6

Activity 4: WCUU - UU Youth Speak

Activity time: 27 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Flashlight(s) for human chalice (Activity 3, WIT Time - Human Chalice)
  • Newsprint, easel, markers and tape; or, a sheet of poster board
  • Snack and beverages
  • Microphone(s), video camera(s) and tripod(s), real or simulated
  • For studio set: Backdrop made in Session 1
  • Leader Resource 1, WCUU Script - UU Youth Speak
  • Leader Resource 2, About Unitarian Universalism, and a basket
  • Leader Resource 3, Lifetime WCUU Press Passes
  • Paper for On-Air People's name cards, markers and string or tape
  • Timepiece (minutes)
  • Optional: Music player for theme song (see Session 1)
  • Optional: Studio lights (flashlights will do)

Preparation for Activity

  • Make copies of Leader Resource 1 for everyone who will need one. If needed, adapt the WCUU script to incorporate the method of human-chalice building you chose for Activity 3, WIT Time. The script has two On-Air People-the Anchor and NUUs (pronounced "News") Analyst. If the group is large, the Studio Crew might include a director, a floor director, a camera operator, a sound engineer, a lighting director, a script supervisor and multiple production assistants.
  • Print out Leader Resource 2. Cut the statements into strips of paper, and place the strips in a basket.
  • Prepare lifetime WCUU press passes (Leader Resource 3).
    • On newsprint or poster board, write these instructions: (1) Read your UU statement. (2) Share: What does Unitarian Universalism mean to me? Post the newsprint near where the camera operator will stand, as you might post a cue card.
  • Obtain snack treats and beverages. Be mindful of participants' food allergies or restrictions and plan accordingly. Plan for a co-leader and youth volunteers to set out the refreshments while other youth prepare for the broadcast.
  • If necessary, arrange furniture, set up and test equipment and post backdrop. If you plan to record WCUU:
    • Make sure electrical outlets are nearby if you will need them.
    • Pay attention to lighting.
    • If you are using on-camera microphones, direct On-Air People to speak toward the camera. Invite the Director or Floor Director to use the phrase "Quiet on the Set... Rolling... " followed by a silent countdown from five, using the fingers of one hand, ending with pointing to the On-Air Person to cue them to begin speaking.

Description of Activity

This WCUU broadcast has four parts and involves all the youth on-camera. The parts will flow easily as the Anchor and Director, following the script, guide the participants. Here is an overview:

Part 1. Some youth will form a "youth chalice" based on the human chalice they made in Activity 3, WIT Time - Human Chalice.

Part 2. Individual youth, in turn, do two things on camera: (1) Read a statement about Unitarian Universalism and (2) share any personal responses they have to today's Big Question: "What does Unitarian Universalism mean to me?"

Part 3. A co-leader joins the youth on camera, distributes lifetime WCUU press passes and announces a special end-of-program snack.

Part 4. Anchor and NUUs Analyst close the show while the group enjoys the snack.

Explain the roles in this WCUU broadcast: two On-Air People (Anchor and NUUs Analyst), youth who will make a human youth chalice and a Studio Crew. Tell the group:

Unlike our other WCUU broadcasts, today everyone including at least one leader will also have a speaking part-you will find out what these are in a moment.

Assign roles. You might offer the Kid for the Day a chance to be the Anchor or NUUs Analyst. The NUUs Analyst should be someone who is also willing to be part of a human youth chalice. Determine who will make the human youth chalice(s) and explain where they will do it-a space well clear of video equipment.

Show the group where you have posted the instructions that tell individuals what to say when they are on camera. Show everyone the basket filled with slips of paper from Leader Resource 2, About Unitarian Universalism. Explain that they will choose a slip of paper from the basket and read aloud the statement on it. Then, they may say a response of their own to today's Big Question ("What does Unitarian Universalism mean to me?").

Suggest they each take a moment to plan what they might say. If the group did Alternate Activity 6, School Bus Talks, remind them of some phrases they used.

Distribute scripts to all who will need them. Engage the Director and the Anchor to determine where the human chalice will be and how youth will line up to take their turns on camera.

Make sure the Anchor has the basket of slips of paper and the on-air co-leader has the Lifetime WCUU Press Passes.

Tell the group when the show should end to keep the session on schedule; assign a Studio Crew member (Director or Floor Director) to watch the time.

Begin the broadcast.

Afterward, ask participants how it went. Suggest they keep their lifetime WCUU press pass someplace where it will remind them of their Unitarian Universalist connections and how our faith helps us each approach big questions.

Ask youth to put aside any remaining snack and gather for the Closing.

Including All Participants

Use your knowledge of each youth's capabilities to gently make sure everyone is comfortable with and ready for their on-camera role. Offer to help prepare any youth who have reading, vision or other limitations. Have all the youth choose a slip of paper from the basket before beginning the broadcast so anyone who needs extra time or help can have it. If someone cannot move easily to a position in front of the camera, plan to move the camera instead of the participants. Let anyone who wishes "pass" on being on camera.