Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Riddle and Mystery: A Program on the Big Questions for Grade 6

Leader Resource 2: Cat Questions

In your small group, try to answer the following cat questions. Take notes if you like, but you need not write full answers. You will discuss your ideas when the small groups get together.

Part 1. Somebody tells you, "There is a cat in a tree."

1. How do you decide whether to believe that statement?

2. Imagine that you know there really is a cat in a tree. How will you decide what to believe about how the cat got there?

3. Which Unitarian Universalist Sources can help you most to decide why the cat is in the tree?

4. How many different explanations can you come up with of how the cat got into the tree? What are they?

5. What should you do about the cat in the tree?

Part 2. Now, assume that you live in ancient Egypt and you believe:

  • Cats are divine.
  • Any cat could be a deity in disguise.
  • Any cat could be the reincarnation of a dead Egyptian empress.
  • Cats should never be harmed or killed.


1. Why do you think the cat is in the tree?

2. What should you do about the cat in the tree?

3. How are your answers different from what they were before?