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Leader Resource 2: WCUU Script - Advice Panel

To the Anchor:

Today's WCUU program features a guest panel of informed Unitarian Universalists answering questions from UU youth about what to do with their lives. Your job is to follow the script, read your part, and keep things moving. When the broadcast begins, you are facing the UU panelists.

[Director: Cue the station break.]

[Director: Cue the Anchor.]

Anchor: This is WCUU, Wisdom of the Community of Unitarian Universalists, on the air.

[Director: Cue the theme music.]

Anchor: Good morning. I am [give your real or stage name], and today's show features a highly informed panel of experienced UUs answering questions from younger UUs about what they should do with their lives. At the end of the show our own favorite NUUs Analyst will summarize what our panelists say. But beginnings come before endings, and I'll begin by introducing the panelists.

[Anchor: Read the following, giving each panelist time to say a quick greeting.]

UU Parent

UU Minister

UU Religious Educator

UU Young Adult College Student

UU Faith in Action Person

[Anchor: Add the names of prominent UUs from history if there are some on the panel.]

Now let's get started. I invite any member of the audience with a question to rise, come to the microphone, give your name, and state your question.

[Director: Cue audience members to raise hands to ask questions.][Anchor: Call on a member of the audience to ask a question. Then ask the panelists to respond. Let one or two panelists answer each question, then ask the audience for another question. Encourage all members of the audience to ask questions, and allow all panelists to reply to one question or another, but not to all. Politely stop a panelist if you need to move on to the next panelist or questioner. You might say: "I'm sorry, but let's hear from [another panelist] now." Or, "Thank you [panelist]. [Other panelist], what do you think?" Watch for a leader or the Director to signal that you have just three minutes left... then two... then one... then none, at which point you may wrap up the panel part of this broadcast.]

Thank you all, thank you all so much. Now let's hear from our NUUs Analyst.

[Director: Cue NUUs Analyst to join Anchor on camera.]

NUUs Analyst: Good morning. I have certainly enjoyed hearing you all.

Anchor: And what have you heard, NUUs Analyst? Will you summarize please for our at-home audience?

NUUs Analyst: I'll be glad to. Here is what most Unitarian Universalists think about how you should lead your life: Know yourself and be yourself. Look for your inner calling and follow it. Make religion and spirituality part of your life. We hope your faith will be Unitarian Universalism, but other faiths are good, too. Respect and follow the UU Principles in whatever you do. Respect and follow the Golden Rule in whatever you do. Be healthy and whole. Be your own person. Help others. Take your time deciding what to do with your life. There is no rush.

Anchor: Wow! That is a mouthful of very good advice. Thank you, Panelists. Thank you NUUs Analyst.

NUUs Analyst: Wait a minute! You haven't heard my own advice!

Anchor: That is true, NUUs Analyst, but I have my own advice for you.

NUUs Analyst: And what's that?

Anchor: Keep it to yourself, because this show is over!

[Director: Cue the theme music.]

[Director: Cue the station break.]

Anchor: This is [your real or stage name] signing off for WCUU.