Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Riddle and Mystery: A Program on the Big Questions for Grade 6

Leader Resource 2: WCUU Script

To the Anchor:

Today's WCUU program is a news report about Unitarian Universalist ideas on where we come from. Your job is to read your lines and keep the show moving as this script describes.

[Director: Cue the station break.]

[Director: Cue the Anchor.]

Anchor: This is WCUU, Wisdom of the Community of Unitarian Universalists, on the air.

[Director: Cue the theme music.]

Anchor: Good morning. I am [give your real or stage name]. I am here in the WCUU newsroom with a UU report on one of the biggest questions ever asked: "Where do we come from?" Today we will hear two roving reporters interviewing typical UUs about their views. Our report will conclude with a brilliant comment by WCUU's brilliant NUUs Analyst. That is NUUs with two big Us. We take you now to our First Roving Reporter.

[Director: Cue the First Roving Reporter.]

First Roving Reporter: Hi there, Anchor. Hi there, world. I'm standing on a street corner talking with the morning's First Typical UU, and I am just about to spring Today's Big Question. So tell me, First Typical UU, where do we come from?

First Typical UU: That's an easy one. We come from stardust. That is where it all began in the huge Big Bang a long time ago. First there was nothing. Then there was stardust. Then there was everything. Science explains it all from then on, and that's where we come from.

First Roving Reporter: Thank you, First Typical UU. Now back to you, Anchor.

Anchor: And now it's on to our Second Roving Reporter. Hey there, Second, what have you got for us?

[Director: Cue the Second Roving Reporter.]

Second Roving Reporter: I have the Second Typical UU, and I'm asking Today's Big Question right now: So what do you think, Second Typical UU, where do we come from?

Second Typical UU: Mostly from mystery, then from a million different places after that. I come from here, and I come from there, and I come from my parents, and I come from everywhere, and I come from mystery. How did life begin? That’s a mystery. Did a god get it started? That’s a mystery. I love a good mystery, don’t you?

Second Roving Reporter: Now wait a minute, I am asking the questions around here.

Anchor: Wait a minute both of you, you are getting ahead of us. WCUU will talk about the beginning of life and whether there is a god on later programs. Right now Today's Big Question is "Where do we come from?" So let's turn to our NUUs Analyst to hear what UU wisdom says.

[Director: Cue the NUUs Analyst.]

NUUs Analyst: Thank you, Anchor. As we have just heard, UUs respond to Today's Big Question in many ways. In fact UUs respond to all big questions—and little ones, too—in many ways. Some people say that UUs can believe anything they want. That is not really true. UUs do not believe that humans appear out of space ships that pass by in the night. Science tells them otherwise. But UUs love exploring mysteries. That's why our theme song talks about life "as a riddle and a mystery." UUs look to science for their answers, and they look to all the world's great sources of ideas and information. Like books, like different religions, like stories about turtles all the way down. UUs . . .

Anchor (interrupting): Thank you, NUUs Analyst. I am sure you have more to say, but we are out of time today. All you viewers out there will just need to keep watching our future reports to find out more about big questions and UU responses to them.

[Director: Cue the theme music.]

[Director: Cue the station break.]

Anchor: This is WCUU now going off the air. That is WCUU for Wisdom of the Community of Unitarian Universalists. Tune in again—same time, same station. This is [your real or stage name] signing off.