Faith In Action: Partner Church Project

Faith In Action: Partner Church Project
Faith In Action: Partner Church Project

Activity time: 0 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Information about your congregation's Partner Church, including contact information

Preparation for Activity

  • Contact your partner church as a representative of the faith development program. Ask if your group could help them raise funds for a special project. Get details about their project so that you can describe it to participants.
  • Obtain permission from congregational leadership to hold a fundraiser such as a bake sale or service sale. Arrange a date and time with parents/guardians, on a Sunday after church for instance. Set a fundraising goal.
  • Make signs to post at the congregation and advertise the fundraiser in congregational communications.

Description of Activity

Have a fundraiser that involves something the children can help make or sell so they can participate in a meaningful way. If you choose a bake sale, for example, you might gather participants to bake at the church. Arrange for the children to be present at the fundraiser and help collect funds.

Including All Participants

If the project requires a gathering outside of regular church times, arrange carpooling so anyone wishing to participate has transportation.

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