Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Love Surrounds Us: A Program on the UU Principles and Beloved Community for Grades K-1

Activity 2: Love Surrounds Us Circle Game

Activity time: 15 minutes

Preparation for Activity

  • Identify a large, open, indoor or outdoor space to use for this activity.
  • Read the Description of Activity and be sure you understand the game directions.
  • Be ready to tell a way "love surrounds you," to start the game.

Description of Activity

Kinesthetic engagement with the song helps children understand the theme.

Form a circle of children and co-leaders, holding hands. Gather the group in a circle. Say, in your own words.

Who remembers the song we sing in our opening time? Now we will sing "Love Surrounds Me" and do some fun actions as we sing. Then we will sit down and play a game using respectful and loving words. Please stand in a circle and join hands.

"Love Surrounds Me" Song with Actions Circle Game

Love surrounds us, this I know (circle left, walking)

For my spirit tells me so. (circle right, walking)

All of us to love belong. (walk in four steps)

Fill our hearts and make us strong. (walk out four steps, then drop hands)

Yes, love surrounds us, (individually, twirl around one way)

Yes, love surrounds us, (individually, twirl around the other way)

Yes, love surrounds us, (back to circle)

My spirit tells me so. (sit down)

"Love Surrounds Me" Circle Game

Choose a volunteer to begin. Say you will show them how to play the game. Then, stand up and tell one way love surrounds you each day (Say: Love surrounds me when I ________.) Now, walk toward the volunteer and say "______ (child's name), you are loved, too. Will you play the game?" Invite the child to stand and tell one way love surrounds them each day. Then guide the child to walk toward another participant and invite them to share by saying, "______(second child's name), you are loved, too. Will you play the game?" Direct the first and second child to exchange places. Prompt the second child to share one way that love surrounds them and then invite another to take their place in the circle and share. When everyone has shared and exchanged places, have everyone stand and sing the song with the actions again.

Processing questions for after the game:

  • I wonder how it feels to be invited to play a game.
  • How do you feel if you do not get chosen to play?
  • How did it feel to exchange places?
  • Were the actions to the song fun? Why or why not?

Including All Participants

Adapt the movements to include children with mobility limitations. Use wrist ribbons (Opening) to allow a seated child to make movements.