Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Love Surrounds Us: A Program on the UU Principles and Beloved Community for Grades K-1

Activity 2: Story, Supriya's Bowl

Activity time: 15 minutes

"Supriya's Bowl" Illustration by Suzi Grossman

"Supriya's Bowl" (PDF)
Illustration: Suzi Grossman

Materials for Activity

  • A copy of the story, "Supriya's Bowl"
  • Rhythm instruments including a triangle, a tambourine, hand drums, rhythm sticks, finger cymbals, and one or more additional percussion instruments
  • Masking tape and marker
  • Optional: "Supriya's Bowl" coloring sheet, and crayons

Preparation for Activity

  • Read the story. Assess the instruments you will need so that everyone will have an instrument, and obtain the instruments. Makeshift percussion instruments are fine.
  • Write the capitalized words on masking tape. Attach pieces of tape to the corresponding rhythm instrument:
    • PAIN or HUNGER - Rhythm sticks
    • CHILDREN - Triangle
    • ADULTS (Merchants, woman, etc.) - Tambourine
    • BUDDHA - Hand drum
    • SUPRIYA - Finger cymbals
    • EVERYONE or ALL PEOPLE or WHOLE COMMUNITY - All the other instruments, plus the triangles and tambourines
  • Optional: Download, print, and copy the coloring sheet (PDF). Place coloring sheets and crayons where children can use them when invited but will not be distracted beforehand.

Description of Activity

This story engages participants in a Buddhist story about sharing in our communities.

Gather participants in the large group area. Distribute rhythm instruments and explain that each instrument represents a phrase or word in the story. Help participants identify the instrument they are holding, read the label you have written, and anticipate when to use it during the story.

Read the story, pausing to invite participants to sound instruments as directed. After the story, process using these questions:

  • Why did no rain mean no food?
  • Why were the people fighting over food?
  • Why did someone say the poor should go to another village?
  • How did Supriya plan to get food for the poor?
  • How did this community take care of each other?
  • How did this community show peace and equality?

Including All Participants

Assign instruments according to abilities so children at all developmental stages are given an opportunity to succeed.