Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Love Surrounds Us: A Program on the UU Principles and Beloved Community for Grades K-1

Before You Start

You will need to assemble or order a few materials in advance. If you plan to use the activities below, follow through with the ordering or preparation suggested.


Advance Preparation

Session 1, Opening

Obtain dowels (or pony tail elastics) and 1/8-inch ribbon in seven colors to assemble ribbons sticks or wrist ribbons (needed for all sessions).

Session 2, Alternate Activity 1, Heart Ribbon Magnet

Obtain refrigerator magnets, 1/8-inch ribbon in seven colors, and sheets of felt; this activity is done over multiple sessions.

Session 5, Faith in Action

Order family puzzle, item PE1246 from the online craft supplier S&S.

Session 7, Activity 4, Flower Communion

Fresh flowers are needed if participants will not make tissue paper flowers for Flower Communion in Activity 3.

Session 10, Activity 3, Talking Sticks

Gather small, dry tree branches, one per participant, to make talking sticks.

Session 12, Activity 1, Peace Bowls

Order clay to make clay bowls.

Session 14, Activity 2, Shake-and-Make Animals

Purchase modeling clay to make animals.

Session 14, Activity 3, Rainforest Life

Ask congregants to save a large appliance box to make a rain forest tree. Purchase modeling clay.

Session 15, Activity 3, Recycled Photo Album

Ask congregants to save brown paper grocery bags that participants can use to make pictures on.