Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Love Will Guide Us: A Program for Grades 2-3 that Applies the Wisdom of the Six Sources to the Big Questions

Spiritual Preparation

How often do you observe the night sky? Is the night sky clearly visible from where you live, at this time of year? If you can, observe the night sky. Do you notice the phase of the moon? Is it a new moon, barely there? Is it visible during the day? Is it a full moon, with light reflecting so bright it lights up the night? What time of day did you travel to your meeting place? Was there pink in the sky?

Consider the universe and all the discoveries made in your lifetime. Then, consider the universe and all the mystery and wonder it holds; the unknown and unknowable that humbles and arouses us—no matter how much science we know.

Read, and reflect:

You Be Glad at That Star

Several years ago and shortly after twilight, our 3 1/2-year-old tried to gain his parents' attention to a shining star.

The parents were busy with time and schedules, the irritabilities of the day and other worthy preoccupations. "Yes, yes, we see the star—now I'm busy, don't bother me." On hearing this, the young one launched through the porch door, fixed us with a fiery gaze and said, "You be glad at that star!" — Clarke Wells, in The Strangeness of this Business, 1975